Wednesday, July 11, 2007

picture pages, picture pages,

Socks and more socks
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come on get your picture pages.
come on get your crayons and your pencils....

okay, maybe not exactly. i have been slogging away most of the day on grant proposals, guidelines and deadlines. my eyes are shot and my arms cranky so i am not particularly up to typing, but i did want to post some knit updates.

as you can see, i am a bit past halfway there on the two pairs of socks currently in play. impressively, i have managed to not cast more socks on needles.

Mystery stole!
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the MS3 is coming along quite well. the yarn i picked out is Alpaca with a Twist Fino in 'purple' and i am using US 4s. i am about halfway through the second Clue. i can't imagine that it is true, but the center panel almost looks like a big spider right now! i wasn't sure how i would like the beading but it isn't too much of a pain and adds a nice touch. i haven't done a KAL before and thus far am finding it quite entertaining.

in other news, after a long hiatus, there may be a sweater project on the horizon... i just have to finish one of the pairs of socks first. (three simultaneous projects is my cutoff threshold.)

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Denise said...

Oh for heaven's sake! I can hear that 'picture pages' tune in my head but I couldn't remember which television show it came from. I had to resort to 'the Google'.

Look how busy you've been with the knitting! I should have asked for a laying on of the hands when you were in Seattle so I could be blessed with some of your productivity and speed. Your shawl is looking great!