Sunday, July 01, 2007


okay, maybe not so much a complete-a-thon as a start... i had hoped to have more to show by now what with two days of brutal orientation hell under my belt, but day two did not really allow for knitting during the mind-numbing sessions. i have also been somewhat scattered and frantic, creating a Plan B on the fly since my office partner did not know he was getting an officemate and is currently out on family emergency. Travy and i were able to rebuild the home office yesterday so i could get to work on a grant that's deadline is looming.

so what can i share? first- i finished the Preemie receiving blanket. of course, i haven't a baby lying about to model it so i pressed a toy from my childhood into service. the blanket is crocheted in a simple 5 dc shell pattern with a size G hook. the yarn, Redheart TLC Baby, was less hideous than normal for Redheart. the blanket is waiting for a couple of buddies so it can be mailed off to charity (elephant not included).

Fish socks!
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i have also finished the do-over on my Pomatomus socks (US 2s, Jitterbug yarn, colorway Monet). okay okay, the photo is blurry but the flash kept interfering with the color accuracy! i am also past the gusset shaping on the first of my Roza socks and on the first of Travy's next pair of simple ribbed socks.

and now? after working madly all day on above mentioned grant proposal, my arms demanded a break. during said break, i found myself lured into committing to MS3. although generally more of a 'spirit of the law' type when it comes to food recipes and the like, i have devolved into a complete scofflaw with regard to my yarn color selection for this project. it is recommended, for compliance with the secret theme, that the yarn be in either the white or black family. laceweight, and yarn store for that matter, selection here in Knoxville is sparse but i did not want to wait for an online purchase and get too far behind the pack so i ended up with a rich pinky coral yarn (photo to follow in next post). beads were even more of a struggle to procure but success was mine at last. i hope to cast on the gauge swatch tonight.

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