Friday, December 02, 2005

finally something to smile at

after my last post, while in an IM chat with Steinie, i received a letter from Columbia. some of you know exactly what this means. regardless, my exchange with Jen brought a much needed laugh so i enclose it here:

me: door knock
me: guess what

jen: what
me: certified letter from --
jen: oh lord
jen: this would be the perfect time for you to be
me: could be good
jen: living under a fascist regime
jen: so that your letters would be read
jen: before you got them
me: okay. that is truly LOL funny
jen: well good

as Eddie Murphy said to a family friend once, "Thanks for the laugh, lady."


[i have opened the letter but decided not to read it till after the 12th. i haven't the strength for it all.]

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