Saturday, December 31, 2005

oh happy, oh joy!

i appear to have my pluck back, but how could i not?

my friends' cat Zane is hanging tight in spite of an epic transfusion reaction and is headed home to hopefully finish getting better, my friends gave me the 6th season of South Park as a Christmas present, and i scored cross-country skis and boots at the REI garage sale for supercheap. tonight i am headed to what is guaranteed to be a fabulous party-complete with pianist, female impersonater and instructions to 'wear bling'. (i will try to remember to take pictures.)

not recovering my insouciance and verve would be positively aberrant, ungrateful, and might indicate actual death.

be well, be safe, be happy! i will see you in the New Year!

1 comment:

Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

To "Hopefully" get well! Of course she will! That kitty has more pluck than any of us knows! As usual we are in your debt once again and we promise to spoil you rotten at the first opportunity.
Love you