Sunday, December 18, 2005

on ice

an island paradise? well, i guess Coronado is kind of an island...

the Hotel del Coronado
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the Hotel Del is truly spectacular with quiet grace and majesty. somehow, checking in feels like retreating to the cozy and civilized world best found in Agatha Christie novels and Dickens-style Christmases. the room was plush yet not expansive, with louvred blinds overlooking a courtyard. after a long day's travel or brainstorming, no outside treat could compare with a leisurely shower and then quiet reflection on the balcony, burrowed deep in a Hotel Del robe.

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there was an ice-skating rink set up on the lawn, where tennis courts used to be many many years ago. it overlooked the ocean on one side and was cossetted in all other directions by the understated luxury of the Del. the rink was not large but circling round and again, i found daily concerns slipping from my mind to skip away across the beaches, leaving me free to soak in all the Del had to offer.

me on ice
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this photo makes me very happy. it really captures, for me, the playful spirit of my free time in San Diego. after a few days here, i was much better prepared to return and face the gauntlet of Prelims.

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