Monday, April 23, 2007

Bleeding Hearts update

sorry about the 'radio silence' but i the last several days have been spent with amigraine and enjoined in the hell that is moving *all* of my packrat slob of a boyfriend's belongings from his basement apartment Boulder to Fort Fun in anticipation of mover quotes today. the entire weekend can be summed up by this exchange:

Me: You understand things will never ever be this way again, right?
Him: Yes. Definitely. I promise.
Me: [stony (trying to remember that he is moving across the country for me) stare] You understand I am serious. Never, ever again.
Him: I love you and you are scoring major points this weekend. They may even have to invent a new scale, you are earning so many points...

so anyway... behold the first contribution to the Bleeding Heart project, courtesy my (blogless) friend Phyllis:

i am also about 1/3 of the way through my little afghan for Julia Pryde's family: it is an afghan, seriously- not the spawn of Alien. i just had to stop mid-row to resume the packing from hell...

Victorian Diamond Top socks
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on a totally unrelated note, since i am many things but not a multi-tasker, i had to get something off the needles to make room for the afghan so i finished something for me... the sock to match the one provided by Lara.

aren't they just beautiful?

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