Tuesday, April 10, 2007

chasing my tail

Spinny Bunt surprises
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between incapacitation from jaw pain and Esther's 'post-operative complications', i have made almost no progress on catching up. happily, the world spins on without me.

my sock from Lara arrived today, envelope somewhat punctured but with contents intact. the sock is gorgeous- Knitpicks Victorian Diamond Top Socks in Knitpicks Gloss, burgundy. i am itching to get the second sock done so i can sport them about town. in addition, she included a truly delightful skein of Fancy Image merino in the happiest peach and melon shades and imported milk chocolate. with Esther on the mend again, i was able to finish out my return sock package and [finally] get it in the mail.

Argosy and Falling Leaves
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the tulip socks cast off on Saturday, leaving me at loose ends with cranky jaw. to avoid accidentally exacerbating matters, i decided to cast on Argosy in Noro Silk Garden Lite. normally i knit like i cook -substitution, substitution, substitution! - but i could not shake my fascination with the color play in the pattern photos. it is turning out even lovelier in person and i look forward to blocking it.

i could not entirely abandon socks since the pattern for Falling Leaves kept taunting me from the end table. i have already torn it out twice and ended up reducing the final stitch count by 12 for this third try. it is looking good so far, but i certainly won't be holding my breath.

what else? after working on revisions to my dissertation for awhile, i shifted gears and hauled out my boss's scanner. i brought back a slew of my grandmother Mickey's pictures after her death in August and have been scanning in and restoring them as best i can. so far i have scanned 167 pictures and there are probably another 75-100 to go. once the pictures are all scanned, the fam will review and provide details for the complete archive. finally, we are going to print custom photo albums for family of the photos of their choice with relevant comments. where am i going with this?

i bring you the hidden jewel i found during today's scanfest- a photo of my late grandmother Mickey with budgie. Enjoy!


Denise said...

Your Argosy looks great! This is one of the patterns I'm considering for a vacation knitting project. I don't have the clothes I need for the trip but the knitting planning is underway (priorities and all, you know).

I need to get a scanner too. When Charlie's mom died we got 3 large Rubbermaid tubs of unsorted, unlabeled family photos - some from the turn of the century. We need to get them scanned and indexed while the remaining relatives are still alive.

How's your jaw feeling? I hope much better!

Cathy said...

Aha... the jaw and the truck - have you found Sheepish Annie's blog yet? I think you are kin.

I scanned a lot of fam pictures a few years ago, put them on CD and passed the CDs to the family. It was a very worthwhile project - and best of all, I got to laugh at the snarky comments my great grandmother wrote on the back of some of my grandmother's photos.

Spinny Bunt said...

oooooh! I like Argosy. Off to go buy yarn for it now.
Glad the stuff arrived mostly unharmed. ; )