Sunday, April 29, 2007

two for three thus far- UPDATED

Blacksburg comfort afghan
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my crazy goal to complete all my UFOs before leaving town is progressing better than anticipated...

here you see the completed afghan for the fmaily of Julia Pryde. it is about 4' by 3' and very lush. the pattern is Summer Willows by Rena Stevens, knit using US 15s and Lion Brand chenille. i am taking yarn to start a second afghan for the family of Ryan Clark.

More socks for Travy
Originally uploaded by jacquichris.
last night i finished the third set of socks for Travy. these were knit using Opal on US2 and are quite squooshy. had a scare Friday when i lost the first sock but was able to retrace my steps across town and track it down.

the argosy is pretty close. i am off to try and finish that before we head to the airport. perhaps i will have an addendum to this post before i leave town. we'll see.

i packed two new projects besides the afghan, but those are surprises for now. off to knit like a maniac!

ADDENDUM (4:12pm): Goal completed with 40 minutes to spare! Huzzah!!


Denise said...

I can't believe what a fast knitter you are!

As the World's Slowest Knitter (tm) I think I need to make some new 'slow knitter' friends. ::sigh::
It seems every single friend I have is a lightning fast knitter.

Spinny Bunt said...

Gorgeous afghan! How's the move going? Should we send more yarn as packing padding?