Monday, April 02, 2007

frogs everywhere

i just tore out my second sock in a week. [grumble grumble.] TraV reminded me that this is part of freestylin' new things, but that doesn't mean i ain't grumpy about it.

like that is what my grumptacular state is really about. (and yes, that is an intentionally abandoned preposition. i like to deliberately abuse grammar when cranky.)

Yuppie socks
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i do have knitting progress that has thus far gone unreported. firstly is a lovely pair of robin's egg blue felted slippers for Mom. they turned out quite beautiful so of course i forgot to take a picture. i do have pictures of the matching socks Travy wanted. we can now exude sock yuppiedom as we stroll casually in our matching Regia wonders.

yesterday i finished the second version of a sock for Spinny Bunt Lara. [the first got frogged after i confused it so much i could find no way to salvage.] pictures will have to wait since i want the finished product to be a surprise.

two sock projects cling valiantly to their needles - a pair of green and white plain socks for Travy in squishilicious Opal and a pair of Cookie A's monkey socks in 'to die for' Jitterbug for me me me! sadly, the toe-up diamond panel ankle socks i started have leapt bravely into the nether after recognizing their ridiculous largeness. they look forward to coming back sized for a human person in the nearish future.

finally, the hydrangea Travy got me is still gorgeous. so gorgeous that i have to share:

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