Friday, April 27, 2007

oh to be young again...

i could delight you with the progress on the afghan (>80% finished), the argosy (75% finished) or Travy's socks (75% finished) but i have decided i would rather bore you with my personal life...

yesterday, as part of project 'Move Halfway Across the Country A Few Days After Being Out of Town Most of Six Weeks', i went to the eye doctor to get new glasses. my lenses are trashed though i love my frames, and my eye doctor here is the first to successfully outsmart my amblyopia* and make glasses i can wear. very important as my eyes are less and less tolerant of prolonged contact wear - i have been wearing them since age 10 to slow deterioration of my vision.

'It looks like you will be needing new contacts in addition to new glasses...'

then she, oh so tactfully, drops the bomb...

'Perhaps, since we are going to replace your glasses, we should add a little correction.'

since i am mostly blind without my eye accoutrements, i am bumfuzzled.

it slowly dawns on me...

'You mean [pause] bifocals?'

'Or transitions. A lot of people go with transitions...'

i stare.

she is serious.

we decide, since i normally wear contacts during the work day and my new contact prescription may affect my glasses prescription anyway, that cheaters are a reasonable place to start.

i should be upset, but somehow i find this quite amusing (though i was clear with the guy at the drug store that he wasn't allowed to find it funny). the prices we doctors pay for the privilege of saving lives... and how very professorly.

behold me in my first pairs of reading glasses:

*yes- i got to wear a pirate's patch for some time as a child... why we have no pictures is beyond me.


Cathy said...

I, too, have had eye "this and thats" all my life (I am blind in one eye) and was astounded when I was started on bifocals at an early age. You know what, they really make you look younger and sexier (repeat after me). Failing that, at least reading is easier.

Denise said...

My eye doctor dropped the 'b' word at this year's eye appointment too.

Your reading glasses are cute! Red and pink are good colors for you.

My oldest son had to wear a patch for awhile too. Our first sign that things were not working well with the treatment plan was at our Parent-Teacher conference. Asked how oldest son was tolerating the glasses and patch during school she replied "What glasses?". Apparently Mr. Cool had been stashing both in his pocket before getting off the bus each morning.

So when is the actual move date?

(thank goodness I can finally access the comments page - I tried a couple times yesterday but the forces of Comcast cable were against me)