Thursday, October 20, 2005

alright already

so i have been back from Jen's for over 24 hours and have yet to update the world. i guess i am trying to figure where to start given the number of things that have changed!

as there is not enough time to splain, i will sum up:
Supreme Court do-over: i cannot tell you how excellent and humorous i find this given the complete audacity of selecting Miers as Supreme Court justice candidate.

Bush ratings so low that only Nixon did worse in his second term: this has led to a quite humorous run on ponies and some excellent 'gate' comparisons.

rumors mill of possible Cheney step-down: the downside is that they anticipate Condoleezza Rice as a replacement. the humorous part of this story is that conservatives are concerned because Condoleezza may be pro-choice, not because it indicates the scandal and intrigue reaches to the highest recesses of their 'moral' White House.

anti C&D ads have started running on TV. what are these people on and how do they have such a steady supply? do they not realize how catastrophically fu**ed we will be if C&D fail? higher ed, lower ed, roads, other public works--all gone or out-sourced according to the overwhelming majority of governmental, independent watchdog and outsider analyses. here at CSU VMC we have already been hit so hard and exhausted so many creative options in response to tax cuts and the recession, another cut would almost guarantee our inability to continue as a veterinary leader and center of excellence. i shudder to consider the result.

HSR is releasing a Lil Brudder t-shirt: this is of course based on a most excellent SB email.

5th publication out: yup. you read right. my 5th first author peer-reviewed scientific publication (Canine and Feline Pancreatitis) just came out Friday, continuing my tradition as an achieving machine. :)

there is more i know, but that is what comes to mind as i rush to bed. still haven't had time to expand on the flamethrowing torch, the importance of property, the socialist in the coffee shop, or the true value of a donut shop. i'll try. remind me. so, signing off from a tiny blue island in a frighteningly red state, i remain as ever,


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