Friday, October 28, 2005

Fitzmas is here

i am a very happy girl today. Fitzmas has been lean so far but the ongoing nature of the investigation and Rove's continued status as a party under investigation casts a greater pall in some ways on the WH than an actual indictment might. Fitzgerald's press conference was absolutely fascinating- cogent, congenial and circumspect.*

Bush's response was pathetic and inconsistent with his position on detainees at GBay ("each person in our system is presumed innocent and entitled to a fair trial" versus detainees at GBay who are not afforded the protection of due process.)

the commentary and analysis is already intense and can be anticipated to only further deepen.

given profound political scrutiny and abysmal favorability and confidence ratings, the WH is under pressure to name a replacement for Miers post-haste. this selection, fascinating in its own right, is likely to provide great insight into how weak the WH perceives itself. buckle your seats folks- the next week or so is liable to get downright wacky! in the meantime, the wells are erupting with ponies.

*NOTE: the transcript is possibly incomplete as i remember Fitzgerald answering several more questions after the one on Harriet Miers.

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