Monday, October 24, 2005

since the house is on fire, let us warm ourselves*

lucky for me, i am almost finished with classes:

"The future of student tuition hinges on what happens Nov. 1. Student tuition has increased by 15 percent this year. If C and D fail, CSU president Larry Penley estimated a 30- to 50-percent increase in tuition. College officials have said this extra student money won't even be enough to offset the reduction in funding caused by the measures' failure."

too bad we aren't 'finished' edumacating peoples yet. better pray C&D pass. offensively, the No ads imply that C&D will hurt the ability of people to go to college and lie about the costs.

well, the US media slant is no longer successfully selling many Americans on the war. i guess the armed forces are hoping that the people out there dying are less discerning and won't question the source of their news. it is a new and more horrific spin on Y2K.

the White House may continue to hope that the impending indictments may be offset by a decreased ability of the disenfrachised to vote and a decreased likelihood that our votes will actually be counted honestly. this seems unlikely to hold true, especially as the Administration has taken to diverting energies from pressing matters like Plamegate, Iraq, our violation of NAFTA and Canada's mounting interest in sanctioning us in order to try and silence one squeaky voice of satirical dissent. they have apparently forgetten that doing so is similar to cutting up starfish in the ocean; every part grows back as a separate predator to pry once more at the clam's shell. eventually the whole system will collapse...

finally, here is an easy way to help fight the invasion of ID into the science classroom. click here to write your governor. remember- the question isn't whether you believe in God, the question is whether such belief should be taught as a scientific alternative to evolution.

oh. i almost forgot. Michelle Malkin distinguishes herself and her stupidity by claiming that candlelit vigils to mark the death of the 2000th soldier in Iraq are parties. damn those evil unconcerned pacifist Quakers for their callous indifference and debauched nightlife.

gack. how does such stupidity and hate-mongering continue to thrive in this age? it seems the only thing that can't evolve is humankind's collective bloodthirst.

*Italian proverb

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