Thursday, October 27, 2005

downy mildew?

the Shrub is starting to drop leaves.

indictments loom on the horizon and Miers withdrew her nomination. apparently, even cronyism isn't enough to outweigh blatant incapability for a position sometimes. it is likely there will soon be a new 'credible' terrorist threat to distract us from these issues but, like WellMuerte's latest ad campaign, the truth is getting harder and harder to hide.

Delay's lawyer was stupid enough to blatantly lie in court. although mainstream press agencies continue to present biased and misleading information in the case, it is unlikely to sway the 'court of public opinion'. in other news, the Shrub's own father sides against him in a recent New Yorker piece.

possible termination looms for Judith Miller from the new conservative mouthpiece and propaganda machine The NYT. granted, these last few years, its "all Shrub's agenda that is fit to print" unless one is reading the Op-Ed pieces. perhaps this move marks a shift back to less-biased reporting? nah, now i am just talking crazy!

finally, last night there were thousands of candlelit vigils across the US to mourn the death of the 2,000th American soldier in Iraq. mind this leaves aside the many dead contractors and mercenaries working for the US as well as the many more thousands of innocent dead Iraqis. also, lest one forget, most military experts agree that the number of persons permanently disabled or maimed is usually 10 times the number of dead. for obvious reasons, the government does not keep tallies on this subject. in this case, that would be 20,000 brave servicepersons. this probably underestimates the number of maimed and disabled given the remarkable decrease in total mortality secondary to changes in battlefield medicine protocols.

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Pam said...

What a lovely way to portray the problems of the nutty Republicans!

I confess to enjoying the spectacle, day by day. It is wonderful to see that eventually our arrogance and lack of ethics will bring us down. It brings hope to us all!

Love your posts, and the post and pics of Estes Park!

Stay warm! Love, mom