Thursday, October 20, 2005

quibbley and cool

truth in mainstream news at last. also, think i forgot to share the ponies.

oh it is getting better and better!!

UPDATE: blech. my representatives disgust me. see this and this.

Dear Senator Salazar,

I was appalled to see you voted against the Coburn amendments. You are sending a message of fiscal irresponsibility and devotion to pork barrel over decency that is appalling. Even Senator Allard voted for the second amendment.

Continuing to be disappointed in your representation of Colorado and the Democratic party, I remain your constituent,

Jacqueline Whittemore, DVM DACVIM

for the final vote, see here:
Update II: It was easier to keep tally of the meager few "yes" votes than write in the tons of senators which put the politics of personal pork above the national interest. A $223 million bridge serving 50 people was more important to these people than rebuilding storm-battered New Orleans.

Simply unconscionable. Those who voted against these amendments have zero credibility on issues of fiscal responsibility. Zero.

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