Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Accidental self-endangerment or attempted suicide??

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A distinct, rattling thump jolted me out of my semi-meditative morning latte ritual. It was an unexpected and invading noise, and I nervously charged into the living room. Once there, I stopped confused by the lack of an apparent source of the noise.

When I saw the cats huddled so close together and staring fixedly out the window, I knew I had not misheard the sound. New scrabbly sounds slowed my approach to the window. I bent and yes, there it was. A squirrel, hanging from the screen, was working his way toward the cats. Just before reaching the cats (and before my camera could fully open), the squirrel launched from the screen to land on an abandoned bike frame, where he sat and contemplated the cats and their disappointingly cool response.

Now, some might argue the squirrel made a bad initial landing or that he perhaps was just having a bit of fun at the cats' expense. But me, I suspect he had hoped for the screen to break and drop him into the paws of malcontent killing machines. Unfortunately, he underestimated the screen and drastically overestimated the skills of my cats.

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