Sunday, June 12, 2005

Homecourt cat

no head
Originally uploaded by jacquichris.
This guy was as happy as ever to see me back home. No, he didn't lose his head from being left behind–he came that way. A dog ate it. Really.

And no, Lappin, I will never give him up. You were foolish to bring him that night to the gift exchange...


Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Hey Jacqui, Glad to see you are all home safe and sound. I wish I would have known no one was taking care of your plants and such I would have been happy to do it. Poor Elise and Head hope the ride home wasn't too too traumatic. Have a great week "back in the saddle"
Love you
Dave and Nancy

Pam said...

Darling Jacqui!

I love your new blog and will enjoy reading it! How beautiful it all is (even the dead plants) and the orchid is WOW! Did you buy that as a new plant?

Much love from your continuing to get stronger mom!