Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Busy busy

Today was a busy day. Early to rise and early to work to receive a transfer and attend our monthly section meeting. It was a hectic day, filled with appointments, conundrums and emotionally laden situations. An old client, old friend, dropped in on her way between states to say hi. We had a nice chat and a welcome hug before I had to dart back to my cases. On my next trip to the waiting area to meet with clients, I discovered a lovely arrangement of flowers from Mom in celebration of the afternoon festivities...

After a frantic morning of appointments and procedures, there was a brief respite watching research presentations by the outgoing intern class. Then back to the quagmire for several hurried hours before it was time to dart off to the Resident and Intern Award Ceremony, eg graduation. For a while I looked as though I might miss it, as one of my clients was hung up in traffic, but it all came out alright in the end. Graduation here is an informal affair, jocular and affectionate, squeezed in in the late afternoon.

Watching my fellow residentmates receive their certificates was a mixed experience. It has been a privilege to work with such caring, intelligent and conscientious individuals. I am delighted to see them all succeed and move on to other life adventures. But it will be sad to see them go.

Also, it was bittersweet to achieve such a momentous milestone with my mother so far away. This is unlike our family, and we had talked even a year ago about making sure that they could come. Unfortunately, it was just too soon. Too soon for such a big trip, too soon to fly. But how thankful I am to have her here in spirit, online, on the phone and in the flowers! What a miracle it continues to be.

And so, overall, though challenging, it will be remembered as a wonderful day.

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Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Hey Girl! You didn't tell us?! We need to celebrate this occasion! Congrats! We too will be sorry to see some the residents and interns leave. Now we have to break in a new batch. Well hopefull we won't be participating in this activity.
I do have to tell all your readers a story from CSU. There was an saying that was taught to the senior students by the residents and interns. Loosely translated "What would Jacqui ask?" Trying to get the students to think outside the box asking their patients questions. It gives you an idea of what an astute, perceptive Doc Jacqui really is. We know this from personal experience.
Keep up the good work.
Much love,
Dave, Nancy & Zane too!