Thursday, June 23, 2005

Doesn't everybody need a yahma buddy?

yeah yahma
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Random picture of small llama trying to decide whether to eat small girl's hair. The llamette lost interest after concluding that stretching its neck through the fence constituted 'too much work'.

The llamas were part of a Pride in the Park event I wandered into over the weekend. Woke up after a much needed nap to the plaintive sounds of outdoor jazz. Followed the sounds to a small festival with organic soap, civil liberties materials, llamas, Italian ices and Hewlett Packard. All of which have blatant links to gay pride except the llamas, I mean soap, no wait... Okay, you got me. But hey, who can argue with ice cream, jazz and supporting people who are just trying to be themselves?

Another bonus: two new bumper stickers. Replaced my Kerry sticker with a quote by Abbie Hoffman: 'You measure democracy by the freedom it gives its dissidents, not the freedom it gives its assimilated conformists."

Put other new bumper sticker above my cupboard in the rounds room to spark students: "When you invite people to think you are inviting revolution." (Ivone Gebara)

One the hardest parts of what I do is teach people to think. To think rigorously, question authority, color outside the lines. It is this that separates a great internist from a computer database. Or, for that matter, what separates any exceptional human being from the herd.

Thinking can be exhausting. What am I saying? Thinking is often exhausting! But is also invigorating and empowering-something we forget too often. So, go team and GO THINK!


Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...


The great thing about living in a town with a university is the activity. All you have to do is step out your door. By the way shouldn't you have said "Not that there's anything wrong with that."?


Dave & Nancy

Jan said...

Hey, Jacqui: Congratulations and "gesund heit"! Two days ago we had an ozone/air quality alert flashing on those electronic signs over the interstate. My oddly bloodshot left eye and a sudden episode of vertigo told me that my little visit to friends where I sat outside in the lush growth at Cages Bend in Gallatin was a huge mistake. Thanks to air conditioning and a couple of naps, the symptoms passed, but this allergy thing is no fun. Hope you are mending or mended.

We are so proud of your accomplishment, especially with the extraordinary circumstances of the past semester. Try not to let the process of settling back in overwhelm you...okay, that was a stupid suggestion, but well-intentioned. Enjoy more festivals!

Thank you for hanging on to your Kerry bumper sticker as long as you did, and the replacement is truly a bit of wisdom. I am barely able to tolerate the madness of current events, but I heard today that the new attorney general has lifted the drape which Ashcroft ordered as a shroud for the statue he deemed X-rated. Hope springs eternal that sanity will one day return in the halls of government. Remember your faraway friends in Tennessee miss you....Jan (N)