Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Skwirrel surplus

Originally uploaded by jacquichris.
The incredible quantity and profound fatness of squirrels here in the Fort has been an ongoing source of amazement to me. Everywhere one turns five or six squirrels frolic in trees, gambol along sidwalks and bike paths, and wreck general havoc on bird feeders and planters.

Without apparent predators and with an excess of food, the squirrels are relatively tame, gluttonous and face few daily challenges. Occasionally I find myself wondering whether they are truly happy in this unchanging squirrel eden or whether they, like us, require some challenge and strife to maintain equanimity.

This morning it is possible I got my answer.


Willow Applebaum said...

Such hunour to everyday norms

Eric said...

One could question the same for the felines. Hmmm.. or zoofolk.. sole worries of day-to-day living are eliminated. What about the effects evolution has/will have? Cats have been domesticated for many hundreds (thousands) of years.. how has it affected their overall kittyness. Lazy catnappers.

john griffta the 9th uk said...

WILLOW APPLEBAUM is a fat moose with a chip on her shoulder lol

john griffta the 9th uk said...

skwirrels are awesome i hope the skwirrel army gets you WILLOW APPLEBAUM lol