Sunday, July 24, 2005

another ad campaign?

so maybe i am a little bit testy. after all, the circus is in town. but i am fed up with the debate about choice becoming a debate of death. so perhaps it is my literary brilliance surfacing again...

[voice over- in god tones, almost trancebeat] "Choose life."

a 15 year-old girl walking down the street in her hoodie, rucksack over one arm. she ducks into convenience store, picks up e.p.t. test. pays, eyes averted and obviously embarassed.

cut to girl in 7-11 bathroom. instructions and box scattered on floor. test on borderline hygienic sink. lights flicker- just barely but definitely flickering. test slips, falls into sink, 'pregnant.'

[voice over- in god tones] "Choose life."

girl heads home. home=suburban monopoly house, +/-screaming parents well into a fifth of brandy before dusk. sits in room. stares at wall. [screams penetrate room-"i paid for this house. i damn well will take it apart if i need to. or not. could be Bible meet in next room. even odds.] girl looks at test. looks at door.

[voice over- in god tones] "Choose life."

girl at school, approaching boy, looking at boy. boy chatting up different girl. our girl turns away.

girl home, looks at parents, looks away. girl in front of Planned Parenthood (flyers for neonatal counseling, adoption and abortion in hand), heading forward but then [voice over- in god tones] "Choose life."

girl turns away, back toward bus. flashing MTV subway type splice.

girl in ER, almost dead of pregnancy toxemia. parents outside, shocked and confused. 'pregnant? you must be mistaken. she's always been pudgy.'

[alarms, people rushing, parents hoved aside] fetus dead? mother? both?

who knows? she chose 'life'- a shame she hadn't chosen choice.

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