Tuesday, July 12, 2005


All sky
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when i first moved to California from the Midwest, i found it difficult to drive. the skies were so variable, so mercurial, that my eye was endlessly drawn upward. over time, i learned to control my eyes and bend them toward the earth.

here, in Colorado, the opposite has been true. it is only after living here a few years that i have been able to truly see and appreciate the mountains. to fully savor the wonder of wide open skies and plains.

my eyes, like my spirit, are loosing themselves from fetters to romp about with abandon. i am almost frightened by the passion and joy that i suspect will be unleashed at the end of the week when i officially retire from my clinical residency responsibilities to focus on completion of my PhD. no more will i be shackled to pager, cell phone and email. no more will i be awakened nightly to address the needs of my patients. my weekends will be free for planning and play. the possibilities, like the skies, are endless.


Pam said...

Savor every sight, every moment of beauty and joy!

Congratulations on the impending end of a most successful residency!

I've thought so much about your earlier post! Like you, I share the feelings of concern for intellectual endeavor among our populace. I so wish we could find a way to re-integrate more of the liberal arts into education - philosophy, history, arts and literature. We are too often raising generations of "mechanics", be they programmers, doctors or lawyers.

To unleash the power of the human spirit, one must be immersed in the liberal arts and feelings must be acknowledged and allowed to find expression. Without such human growth, our world and culture will be seriously diminished. --love, mom

Anonymous said...

right on mom.