Sunday, July 31, 2005

confused canines

in keeping with the theme of suicidal animals (one, two, three), i bring you lonesome fox and kamikaze coyote.

lonesome fox i met outside the liquor store about a week ago. he was a juvenile and healthy-looking but had apparently wandered off the bike trail up and into the parking lot. the lot was quite dark, unfortunately, and so the pictures weren't great even though he was only 10-12 feet away. this is probably the best of them. i left it somewhat dark so he didn't end up too distorted. after a little chat and photo shoot, i did my best to herd him away from the busy road and back toward safety. no signs of fox parts on the road the next day, so i think he figured it out.

Originally uploaded by jacquichris.

yesterday was much more entertaining. on my way to Estes Park to play with Dave and Nancy, i was attacked by a coyote. unfortunately, i was too busy swerving the car out of range to grab the camera so i haven't a picture of him. he charged out of the undergrowth, barreling directly for my driver side window. after shooting the car almost into the drainage ditch to evade him, i pulled to a crawl and watched out the back window. apparently disappointed to find himself still alive, the little devil stood in the road staring after me for quite some time. luckily, that section of road is under construction and poorly traveled, saving us both another potential crash. eventually he turned back the way he'd come and skulked into the scrub.


Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Jacqui, I forgot to tell you that was the trained coyote we have here in estes to scare the tourists. It worked Huh?
Next time you come up we'll go see the dancing elk.

Jacqui said...

oohhhh! dancing elk!! yay!