Friday, July 15, 2005

Yup, The Star got it right...

advanced news service that it is, The Star breaks again with the leading story about my transition to full Diplomate status.

yep, you read right. yesterday i got word that I PASSED MY BOARDS!!! yet another small proof that miracles do, in fact, happen. today i was able to fax in a copy of my residency certificate which means that, as of tonight, i am and can be referred to as a Board-certified specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine.

not knowing whether i would have to retake the boards has been an incredible strain. it isn't just the profound financial cost or the psychological toll of all that reading in a compressed period of time. the possibility of letting people down by not passing has been a huge weight on my shoulders. sure, it would be understandable if i did not pass but that doesn't mean that people wouldn't be disappointed if i failed.

the toll of waiting has been large but sneaky. it was only once i confirmed i passed and found myself crying tears of joy in the hallway that i realized exactly how heavily this has been weighing on my mind. now i truly feel free to get caught up on the literature and get caught up on my research without the additional baggage of 'old business'.

although everyone i would traditionally have celebrated with was far away, it seemed important to mark the night anyway. so last night i went out to the Rio for a deadly margarita as that is how we celebrate every milestone here. i went alone but was happy and had fun and made new friends and felt the better for having gone. it is this that has delayed my post to you all but it really was the right choice.

well, already have meetings to prepare for so i'd best sign off. there are a number of things cooking for tomorrow and i look forward to celebrating further with Jeremy Lister's band tomorrow night. i will try and take some pictures to share with you.

love to you all-



Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Yeah Jacqui!!!!!

Eric said...

Hoorah! How could there ever be any doubt?