Saturday, July 16, 2005


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i just returned from a delightful night watching Jeremy Lister play at a local coffeehouse. here i think life is groovin' along quite spectacularly; having a wonderful show 3 blocks from my house is just almost too much to bear. in addition, i got the wonderful pleasure of hanging out with a friend with whom i never get to spend enough time. after, we ambled over to a local wine bar for excellent beer and story-swapping. now i am home and headed to bed.

the photo is a shot from the venue. the juxtaposition of light and dark on the two windows seemed particularly striking and appropriate given the joy of the show and all that my dear friend Kitty-Cat and i have been individually through lately. it was a good reminder that there is always something to balance the darkness should one look hard enough. and also that, sometimes, the beauty of the darkness is greater than that of the light should one have the discipline and the eye to see it...

helpful to remember even though i am currently settled in the middle of a blaze of light, joy and promise.

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