Monday, July 04, 2005


What a string of things have conspired together this week. Where to start?

First, well, I don't really want to talk about first right now. So. Second, actually I don't ever want to talk about second.

Okay, perhaps I had best just list the relevant parts. After a long weekend answering pages and calls regarding cases and a long day on clinics, Tuesday I was woken at 5am to hear that one of my cases was doing very poorly. We had already done everything, everything possible to try and help the poor little dude. And so in I had to go to euthanize the little darling at 6am.

Heartbreaking. Positively heartbreaking. The day dragged on clouded by melancholy and exhaustion.

Wednesday woke tedious and full of work; that afternoon I had to euthanize another patient I had been nursing for weeks. It was another horrible blow to flagging morale. That day I got off work to an excruciatingly horrible letter, an inconvenient distressing email and an unwelcome voice mail. The first two aren't worth sharing.

The voice mail was from my landlady's property management company. 'No worries. The house isn't for sale. But someone wants to buy it so when would be a good time for a showing?' So now even my nest was not safe. Now even that could be taken from me.

My morale tanked, my heart lay in bits about me, and now my enforced optimism suffered a coronary. It had been a very rough night. So off to bed I went, curled up with my cat Elise and immediately found a lump on her neck.

Thursday was a mess of receiving and post-mortem emergencies. Yes, yes indeed, they do exist. The afternoon harrowing as I waited for a coworker to whack the nodule off my baby. Friday, more post-mortem emergencies and no word on my kitty's biopsy. Friday the house was also shown to potential buyers. [bastards. how dare they further complicate my stressed existence!]

Saturday the storm finally broke when Dave and Nancy came bearing picnic and gaiety. Elise's biopsy results followed. That night I went to a sail-in, the show was canceled due to wind, and so I played on a tire swing in the dark instead. [Pictures to follow.]

I have continued to recharge over the weekend and am finally feeling a bit better. With two weeks of clinics to go, perhaps I will soon have time to finish working through some things. Being me, hard to say though.

Did I mention I have developed a tic? It zips around my body, sometimes curling in my left hamstring, occasionally tickling my cheek, often seizing hold of my right rib muscle or left pectoral. I'm hoping it'll move on once I've sorted through my feelings. Till then I'm just another character from Oz.

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