Thursday, July 14, 2005

That's gonna leave a...

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so about 3 times a year, i randomly fall over for no apparent reason while on my bike. this pretty much only occurs at a speed of 0 mph and always involves falling in front of unknown persons. yesterday i fell on my way to work, turning uphill after stopping to make sure i wouldn't get hit by an errant SUV. tipped right over into gravel. the obligate witness was of course distressed and rushed downhill to make sure i was okay. me, i lay there in the gravel trying to disentangle my clips, laughing and bleeding everywhere. of course i had to manhandle the bike to realign things and ended up late to work and was all coated in dust and gravel and blood. if you think the knee is bad, be grateful i didn't upload pictures of my thigh and arm! blech.

but still funny.

i suspect this is one of the ways that the world reminds me not to take myself too seriously... as you will see in my next blog, keeping a good attitude has many rewards. besides, you can't be a real biker chick if you don't occasionally find yourself prying gravel from your skin in public.


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my bike dumped me when the chain decided not to turn. nice shin bruise that after a year is still visible. Didn't rub at it enough.