Saturday, July 23, 2005

HR 810

i never would have thought these words would come from my fingers BUT: Go Arlen!!!

"Senator Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania and the chief backer of the Senate bill, said that if the bill did not come up for a vote, he would attach it to a measure appropriating money to the National Institutes of Health, a measure whose fate he controls because he is chairman of the subcommittee that governs the institutes' spending."

how incredibly infuriating it is to see something that has widespread bipartisan support and that could save so very many lives get bogged down in the Fire Swamp that is Bush's agenda. please take this opportunity to write your senators again and encourage them to remain united against this ridiculous attempt to undermine stem cell research.

and hey! any of you in Tennessee, make sure you do your part to flood Frist's office (SEE BELOW) with complaints. granted, it is unlikely to have any effect as this is the same 'doctor' that refuted all scientific analysis of Schiavo's true condition before recanting after her necropsy. if nothing else, you can be a small thorn in his shoe.

Washington, D.C.:
Office of Senator Bill Frist
509 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
202-228-1264 (fax)

Office of Senator Bill Frist
28 White Bridge Road
Suite 211
Nashville, TN 37205
615-352-9985 (fax)


Pam said...

Hooray for BILL FRIST for choosing to part ways with Bush on this stem cell research bill!

Hallelujah that the doctor/senator has decided to place his medical judgment ahead of political gain with the far right.

Let's hope that his statement in favor of stem cell research will encourage others to come forward and stop the madness of narrow-minded prejudice...

Jacqui said...

Though a small step, let us celebrate Frist's defection from the lock-step right-wing agenda!