Sunday, July 03, 2005

Stem cell research

my partial post about the week's happenings has been postponed for another more interesting matter. what, i know you are thinking, could possibly be more interesting than the travails of my dear friend jacqui? well...

for a number of reasons, i find the retirement of Justice O'Connor a disaster in an already bad presidency term. let's leave aside for the moment my concerns about the inexorable deterioration of civil liberties, a woman's right to choose, separation of church and state, and promotion of corporate agenda over the health and well-being of other countries, their economies and cultures- all but the last of which will be influenced by a Supreme justice appointment.

today's matter at hand is the topic of stem cell research. from a thread online i present the following (brilliant PR idea mine):

"I know what it is like to have a family member dying and it hurts when you know that stem cell research could cure them.
The research is not being federally funded, and this needs to change.

This is another example of Pro Life = Death."

one of the problems is that anti-stem cell advocates get to show squishy pink babies and say stuff like, 'this baby brought to you by one courageous couple's decision to donate surplus frozen embryos."

leaving aside my opinions on the appropriateness of using resources to try and buck all possible biological odds, it strikes me there is a perfect ad campaign in here.

picture this. a fuzzy couple holding a squishy pink baby.

[voice over]

"this is Bob and Sue and their new miracle baby Sarah. but this couple felt that creating one life was not enough."

camera spans back to bring into focus a veritable sea of people- wrinkly old people, winningly cute kids with no front teeth, gen x types. and in the foreground remain Bob and Sue and colickly but adorable Sarah.

[voice over]

"so Bob and Sue did the truly courageous thing- they donated their leftover embryos to stem cell research. research that is expected to cure [insert disease of your choice- let's go with ALS for Kiwi] in time to save many of the people you see here."

camera comes in for tight shot on random cute kid and voice over continues with statistics of treatment and outcome of [ALS], ending with currently anticipated outcome for little Joe here.

"so please, all of you who believe that a life in progress is a sacred thing, call your Senators. encourage them to stand courageous and firm with Bob and Sue. demand they select a Supreme Court nominee that will not confuse rhetoric with reality. stand up and stand firm for stem cell research."

click here for contact information on your Senator. then write, call or email to express your concerns regarding choice, stem cell research, freedom of sexual orientation, civil liberties, separation of church and state or anything else you think is relevant.

NOTE: disagreeing with my personal views does not relieve you of the responsibility-as a member of a democracy-to stand up for your own beliefs! :)

no trying = no right to bitch!

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Jeremy said...

Thank you so much for this, it is perfect.

Pro life does equal death,
not only for people that can be cured with stem cell therapy but also for pregnant women.

Gone are the days where Women used Coat hangers,and knitting needles, sitting in a hot, hot bath and swallowing half a bottle of gin to abort.

In the earliest stages women jumped from tables, fell down stairs and carried heavy loads to try to bring on a late period. Failing this they would try alcohol, laxatives and stronger drugs such as quinine and ergot in the attempt to procure an illegal abortion.

But this is all at stake with the loss of Sandra Day O'conner from the supreme court.

It would sicken me to see America revert back to the same practices.

Women being seriously hurt or dying because of backstreet abortions could become a reality once again.

In Both cases
PRO LIFE does equal DEATH